We equip Christians and congregations to make disciples and engage the world around us the way Jesus did.

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Engage the world around you the way Jesus did.

A Boomer and a “Xennial” discuss ways Christians can break past negative stereotypes and become people who interact with people the way Jesus did, even in moments of intense disagreement.

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Create a Culture of Discipleship in Your Church

How amazing would it be if the people in your congregation were consistently discipling new believers so they could mature in Christ and reproduce that in the lives of others?

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Church leaders create culture of discipleship

Lay people learn to disciple new believers

New believers mature in Christ

....and are equipped to disciple others

Lonnie Nash

Being a new believer I had lots of questions and have gotten many answers that have given me strength and hope. The information has given me tools to grow and have inspired me to learn more! Every question I had has been addressed through these lessons.

Devin Hebeisen
The Journey Church

Discipleship DNA is taking our church to the next level.

Jon Droege
Former Pastor of Aberdeen Christian Fellowship

I have known Brian for more than 15 years, and during that time he has always had a passion to help people come to know Jesus Christ and to follow Him!

Are You And Your Church Equipped To “Go And Make Disciples”?

Do you want to start building a culture of discipleship in your church,your family, or your own life? Download our free resources today!

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